Read Shadrach Minkins From Fugitive Slave To Citizen

Read Shadrach Minkins From Fugitive Slave To Citizen - Agathoclia (d. ~230), a martyr and patron saint of the town of Mequinenza in Spain.; Alam al-Malika (died 1130), slave singer who was promoted to become the de facto prime minister, adviser and ruler of the principality of Zubayd in present-day Yemen.; Alexina Morrison, a fugitive slave in Louisiana who claimed to be a kidnapped white girl and sued her master for her freedom on that ground. Jury nullification is the source of much debate. Some maintain that it is an important safeguard of last resort against wrongful imprisonment and government tyranny.. James H. Sweet is associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He was a National Humanities Center Fellow in 2006–07. His book, Recreating Africa: Culture, Kinship, and Religion in the African-Portuguese World, 1441–1770, was the recipient of the 2004 Wesley Logan Prize, awarded by the American Historical Association..

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